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I strive for the most profound experience overall. Although I was born digital, I take an "idea first" approach to strategic problem solving.

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Everything I do is aimed at creating desire beyond surface attraction, resulting in creations that are purposeful, engaging and strategically useful.

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I design collaboratively with (and for) real users while including field research insights to inform solutions and experience design every step of the way.

Thought Process

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i use a channel-agnostic approach to providing outputs that influence vision for monetizeable products.

Research & strategic discovery are the building blocks for uncovering opportunities to innovate.

My approach to research and strategic discovery is case-by-case. In part, having a deep understandng of my client and users whether internal or external has a huge impact on how I synthesize inputs and formulate ouputs. In the end my deliverables are, in essence, ideas and manifestos supported by field data.

practice - makes perfect
732 competitors analyzed
214 stakeholder interviews
327 business cases

Every Product Idea is thoroughly tried and tested on a minimum viable level for validation and competive positioning.

By examining the competitive space, and leveraging technologies and behaviors in the general market, I strive to introduce fresh products with sustainabilty and beauty.

Identifying the right opportunity to introduce a game-changing product takes a combination of business sense, design rigor, and overall landscape awareness.

practice - makes perfect
154 ideas
120 MVP Releases
40 Product Launches

As a practitioner, designing the optimal experience which provides the most benfit for my users while achieving business aspirations is priorty #1

Active listening, inquiring, and empathizing are keys to success

Experience design is less about containing ourselves into best practices, and more about designing innovative experiences that solve our users and our clients problems. In order to really design something meaningful to all, there needs to be a level of empathy which drives motivation to innovate while maintaing an intuitive sense of usability.

practice - makes perfect
382 Surveys
295 user tests
350 prototypes

My design aims to capture and communicate a brand's essence using a simple yet elegant visual language to create desire.

smart use of space and elegant type along with sleek visualization and dynamic photography create innate wonder for the user.

My goal is to create a sense of wonder and desire beyond reasoning at this stage in the process. With all of the fundamental strategy and experience architecture in place, it's time to style the system with elegant attire to bolster perception and inspire intended behavior.

practice - makes perfect
402 wireframes
780 high fidelity mockups
1250 "ooh's & ahh's"
IMPLEMENTATION & Product Management

building a sustainable product requires thought beyond end users and spans into the realm of multi-channel and multi-faceted team synthesis.

implementation is equally as important as strategy and design. building the foundation to properly iterate and improve the product is key to longevity and maximizing roi.

Staying competitive and continually positioning my products to dominate requires a workflow and framework which makes rapid releasing, pivoting, and optimizing seamlessly possible.

practice - makes perfect
658 sprints
380 major releases
1,498 cups of coffee
Research & Strategy

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Product Design

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Experience Design

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Expert, 6 years

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