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MY ROLE - Design Director

KUKnowledge Universe

Interaction design was a key element to making this site a memorable experience. The focus was simple and beautiful interactions to drive engagement.


How to design an experience around Nuturing Greatness, while retaining top quality teachers in the process.


Knowledge Universe is the umbrella company for some of the top Early Childhood Development centers in the U.S. Our challenge was to design a site that would deliver on the brand promise "Nurture Greatness".



Understanding the changing nature of education and children's learning, we wanted to focus on interactivity and visual design to draw our audience in and command their attention.

We started by designing full screen video with custom interactions to push messaging. Next we directed special attention to visual detail, ensuring content was bright, colorful and inviting. And finally, similar to a children's pop up storybook, we developed unique interactions to resemble all of the fun and engaging storytelling methods used in the live teaching environment.


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