Product design, content strategy +UX

MY ROLE - product designer / UXD
MACY'SProduct Pro App

"Product Pro" gives Macy's associates security in the fact that they can find what they need to know in a digestible format to increase their sales.


How to give employees the tools they need to increase sales while maintaining high standards of style.


Macy's previous solution to employee knowledge around it's catalogue of over 100,000 products was housed on it's central POS system which spanned across hundreds of stores, but lacked the usability it needed for actual use. Our challenge was to design a product that would stand alone, yet provide the level of detail in order to sell products.



We assessed the current content format and decided it was in need of re-imagining, so we leveraged all of the content as evergreen topics, then built stories around them to create a meaningful and informative system.

Next, we designed the platform using familiar design patterns as seen in magazines, POS systems and blogs worldwide, providing an intuitive interface for employees to educate themselves.

Finally, we edited the learning materials transforming them into fun and engaging bits of informative content that was neither laborious to digest nor too surface to make a valuable impact.