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Digital Product

MY ROLE - CHIEF Design Director



In order to earn back street cred, we had to first become something all the kids wanted to be.


Re-positioning any brand is hard. So how do you reclaim your space once you've lost your way?


Being relevant amongst millenials and gen-xers means being something they too strive to be. I was called on to represent our users by designing an experience they would be proud to be a part of. The overall challenge was to re-position Reebok as trailblazers they were once known to be.



Taking it back to Reeboks original brand foundation of fashion and style, we designed an online patform where we curated and produced key content to communicate the essence of "cool". We then leveraged relevant street star power to be the voice of the collective community. We enlisted Swizz Beatz to lead the charge of bringing Reebok back by advocating for the urban art world and exposing the youth to global interconnected art forms.

To date this campaign has extended and repeated itself over 10 times featuring celebrity ambassaors such as Rick Ross, Alicia Keys, Lauren Hill, Tyga and many others. It's no doubt that Reebok is back!